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Vital things you must know about the IELTS test dates and fees

The IELTS test will be a preferable option if you are searching for the best exams to go abroad for your work. You can choose this course and study it in the best organizations worldwide. It can provide you with more information about this course and the benefits you can gain. It is the short form of the international English language testing system, which is the best way to work abroad with the highest scores on the exam.

You can get the test dates and ielts fees in the trusted platform that is more on the internet. The IDP helps provide the best test date calendar for a year. This calendar exhibits the test dates for the individuals to make them know when to apply for this exam.

Keep reading this content to gather and get more details about the ielts exam dates and ielts fees.

Dates for the IELTS exam:

You can see the four ielts test dates in a month for academic IELTS, the general training IELTS exam is conducted twice a month, and the candidates have to choose any date from the listed dates. They can also allow choosing the location out of specified one for their test centers, covering their area.

The experts conduct the IELTS test every week, probably every Saturday and Thursday. They perform 48 academic tests per year and 24 general training tests. It is good to know that the candidates must book the test 10 to 154 days before the test giving the date.

This exam is basically of two types and is conducted in two distinct ways in the major cities of India. Some of the countries accept this IELTS that is the united kingdom, Canada, the USA, etc. the primary purpose of the

IELTS is to study and work abroad and has some types, such as academic and general training tests. The mode of the IELTS exam is based on the paper-0based and computer-based way conducted by IDP education ltd.

Fee details of this IELTS exam:

If you like to appear in the IELTS exam test in the coming days, then the exam fees are a vital thing that you must know. The IELTS registration fee will be reasonable if you appear for this exam using the IDP. You must know three exam fees: the exam rescheduling fee, exam cancellation fee, and exam revaluation fee. You can see them one by one in the below topic.

Exam rescheduling fee:

IDP can follow the same procedure for rescheduling the IELTS exam date. Due to some of the reasons, if the candidate wants to shift or change the test dates, they must request the test day transfer.

The experts provide a test date for that candidate after deducting the cancellation or the postponement fee. Then they must remember that the new test date must be in the coming three months of the original date.

All the individuals are required to pay an administrative charge of some amount of all the taxes for the transfer of the test dates. People who produce a medical certificate within the time limit of five days from the test date can get a refund amount.

Exam cancellation fee:

The candidates who will appear for the IELTS exam through IDP can cancel their IELTS exam. If any person cancels the IELTS application more than five weeks before the test date, they will get a refund minus the administrative fee of the exam.

If they have any circumstances to attend the exam, then the amount will be refunded to them. If the candidate provides the medical certificate within five days of the test date, they can get the amount back.

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