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The Most Iconic Swords in Anime in 2022

When it comes to cosplaying, you want to pick a fun anime character who stands out from the crowd. Maybe they’re the strongest. Maybe they’re the funniest. Or maybe they have the biggest sword.

Cosplay swords are an important part of any cosplay and help you truly embody a character. The best cosplay swords are realistic and fully embody the spirit of the character you’re looking to portray. Here are some of the most iconic swords in anime to consider for your next cosplay!

Nichirin Swords from Demon Slayer

The swords in Demon Slayer are some of the most powerful in all of anime, able to cut through demons with pinpoint accuracy, speed, and intensity. The swords are even stronger thanks to the addition of each character’s Breathing Styles, which add extra powers to the swords based on their fighting style.

Dragon Slayer in Berserk

This is a massive sword wielded by Guts, the main protagonist of Berserk. The immense sword is capable of slashing apart apostles despite their superhuman strength and durability. It can even slice through multiple enemies at once. The sword can also block incoming attacks with ease.

Yoru from One Piece

This is a sword used by Dracule Mihawk, a member of the Shichibukai. It’s one of the few known swords created in the highest grade, Saijo O-Wazamono. This fearsome black sword can cut through entire fleets of pirates, cutting through boats and icebergs along the way — with just one slice. All of the swords in One Piece are powerful enough to compete with an overpowered villain fueled by Devil Fruit.

Enma from One Piece

Speaking of One Piece swords… Emma is a legendary sword that was originally used by Kozuki Oden. It’s one of the few weapons that was able to scar Kaido, who is known to be indestructible. Enma can draw out Haki from an individual. The sword is currently an O-Wazamono-grade weapon but could easily become a Saijo O-Wazamono grade weapon.

Kurikara from Blue Exorcist

This sword, crafted by Mephisto Pheles, can lock away demons. It is covered in blue flames, making it super dangerous to wield. Whoever holds this sword can even cause explosions with the sword, causing extreme damage.

The Sword of Totsuka from Naruto

This is one of the most unique swords on the list due to it being formless. Instead of being made of steel, this sword is sheathed inside a jar. Anything the sword touches is sealed within the jar and can’t escape. Itachi even used the sword to remove Nagato’s soul from his body.

Lostvayne from Seven Deadly Sins

This sword is the sacred treasure of Meliodas, the captain of the Seven Deadly Sins. It was created by a master craftsman and has crazy powers. The Sacred Treasure allows Meliodas to create four to six clones of himself. Each of the clones is immensely strong and they can all use Full Counter.

Murasame from Akame Ga Kill

This blade is wielded by a powerful fighter of the Night Raid, Akame. While shaped like an ordinary blade, Murasame was able to kill a person with a single cut. When sliced by the blade, the person would be poisoned.

Venuzdonoa from The Misfits of Demon King Academy

This is a very strong sword wielded by Anos Voldigoad. It was created by using the God of Destruction’s body, giving it the power to erase anything from existence. It can even erase immortals.

Ea from Fate Series

This sword can only be wielded by Gilgamesh. He can only use this powerful weapon against enemies that he believes are deserving of it. Ea’s power has surpassed that of all the other Noble Phantasms. Characters in the anime compare an attack from Ea to a natural disaster.

Excalibur from Fate Series

In case you thought Ea sounded crazy, Fate also has Excalibur. This sword is one of the strongest in the series, able to destroy an entire platoon filled with hundreds of soldiers. Considered lethal, this sword is used cautiously.

Tessaiga from Inuyasha

Tessaiga is swung by Inuyahsha. It was forged by Totosai by using the fang of Toga. It’s known as The Sword of Destruction since it can kill 100 yokai with a single strike. Imagine killing an entire army with a single slash of your sword. But that’s not all. Tessaiga can absorb the power of any object it comes into contact with. The blade has an abundance of forms that allow Inuyasha to fight almost any enemy.

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