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Some Key Useful Tips for Personal Loan EMI Management

A Personal Loan is a saviour when there is an urgent financial need. It is an unsecured loan for which you don’t need to provide any collateral. Be it paying your bills, funding a grand event, home renovation, or loan for holidays, you can get Personal Loans for any end purpose.

Such advantages play a key role in making Personal Loans preferable over other types of loans. In terms of loan eligibility and qualification, you need to meet certain eligibility requirements.

Although getting this particular loan may be easy, managing a Personal Loan EMI can be challenging for many. Therefore, this article will discuss some important tips that can help you efficiently maintain and manage your loan EMI. 

4 Tips to Manage Personal Loan EMIs

You might be at sea sometimes when it comes to managing your Personal Loan EMI. Here are some useful tips that can help you with your EMI payments.

Check Whether You’re Capable Enough To Repay the Loan

The first step toward EMI repayment is to analyse if you’re capable enough to repay the loan. You must be well aware of the interest on your Personal Loan and the flexibility on loan repayment provided by the loan provider. This knowledge helps you with the EMI amount for the loan duration and allows you to plan your budget better when availing loan for holidays or any other reason. 

Nowadays, NBFCs like Poonawalla Fincorp offer EMI calculators online. With these, you can instantly calculate the EMIs you’ll need and also check whether you can pay the EMI amount for the entire loan period. So overall, they can help you make better financial decisions concerning loan repayment.

Make Sure You Have Enough Savings

If you’re looking for better financial stability, you must have more than enough savings in your account. God forbid, if a situation comes where you’re unable to repay the loan, these savings will come in handy for making the repayments. These can be in any form, such as gold, fixed deposits, stocks, and anything that can be easily liquidated to manage your EMIs. 

There are also other benefits of having savings. For example, if a major part of your salary goes into covering up your EMIs, you can utilise the savings to meet urgent needs like a medical emergency. In addition, during uncertain times, savings can act as a backup option that can help you keep up with the repayment of your EMI loans. 

You Can Put Out Reminders For Your EMI Payment

You must be vigilant and not miss out on EMI payments. To ensure that, you must set up monthly reminders to inform yourself of the EMI payment date whenever the payment is due. These reminders can also help ensure your account has a sufficient balance for paying the EMI. Besides, you can always gather funds before time if you lack adequate money for your monthly EMI deduction. 

Efficiently Budget Your Expenses

Ensure your case is ideal, meaning your EMI shouldn’t exceed half of your monthly salary. This way, you can manage your EMI without compromising on your daily expenses.

The EMI amount can sometimes take up more than your salary and put you under tremendous pressure every month. However, if you can budget your expenses well and stick to an ideal repayment structure, this can be avoided altogether. However, it is best if you cut out extravagant lifestyle expenses when you’re under a liability to repay the loan. 


These four best tips for effectively managing your Personal Loan EMI will help you repay all your EMIs without compromising your lifestyle. They will also ensure that your loans are repaid correctly and on time.

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