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Should You Buy a Kia Car? Learn Here About Your Preferences

Kia car has been very popular recently. So far, many models have been released and what attracts most people to this car is the pricing. It is relatively cheap. Of course, prices vary by models and features they have, but they are more affordable than the prices of other cars.

This car has a reputation on the market not just because of its price. Although when it was first introduced, it was lacklustre, which is the main cause why it did not appeal to many people. Since then, the company made an effort to introduce new features, and then models in series kept improving, and so did the prices.

Now it is regarded as the most reliable brand. It is the best car for those who do not want to fritter away a lot of money on the maintenance of the car. Is it worth investing in a Kia car? As far as it is about whether you should buy a car or not, it depends on your financial needs, the features you are looking for, and what it does look like exactly.

Is Kia’s car actually reliable?

You can say that the Kia car is reliable. Although when it was first introduced to the auto market, it gained a poor reputation, it is a matter of two decades old. Ever since the company has changed a lot of things in the brand, it has captured the imagination of many people now. On a scale of 1 to 5, the car has a 4 rating for reliability and ranks third out of 32 cars surveyed. That has been a big achievement for the car manufacturers compared to the feedback that Kia got from people when it was first introduced.

The reliability score has been determined based on the data collected on the grounds of average annual repair costs, the frequency of unexpected repairs, and the security needed. Compared to other cars, this car gets fewer mechanical issues, and they are all easy to fix without shelling out money and wasting time.

Another key feature that makes it so appealing is the length of the warranty period. Kia offers a five-year bumper-to-bumper and 10 years powertrain warranty, while other car manufacturers offer three years of bumper-to-bumper and five years of the powertrain.

You just need to keep your Kia maintained to increase its longevity. It can be covered under the warranty if it does not have any big issues. Suppose you are looking to buy the latest Kia models. In that case, you will get a five-year warranty per 60,000-mile bumper-to-bumper, 10 years per 100,000-mile powertrain warranty, a five-year warranty per 100,000-mile anti-perforation, and a per 60,000-mile roadside assistance plan.

Its repair cost is more affordable than other cars

The annual repair cost of a Kia car is much more affordable than other cars. Of course, it varies by model. Below is the table of Kia car models and their average annual maintenance costs.

You can get an idea of how much it would cost you annual for repair and maintenance work. That is quite important to know before buying if you are looking to finance a car.

Kia Model Annual Repair Cost (Roughly)
Kia Rio £425
Kia Soul £430
Kia Forte £441
Kia Sportage £455
Kia Optima £463
Kia Sedona £480
Kia Sorento £491
Kia K900 £675

Undoubtedly, Kia K900 has quite a higher maintenance cost, but when you check other cars’ maintenance costs, you will find other models of Kia are way cheaper. If you are looking for a budget-friendlier car, it is vital to take into account the maintenance cost. If a lot of money goes toward the maintenance cost of your car, you will surely find it hard to get by.

At the time of buying a car, you do not have to just look at features and stylish appearance. You have to look at other factors like mileage and maintenance costs. You will probably not bother about it if you are made of money, but if you are seeking car finance with no credit check, you cannot avoid these factors.

How much do Kia cars cost?

Having said that, the prices depend on the model. The cheapest model, Kia Picanto, costs £10,500 while the top model released lately costs £39,000. If you compare it with its rival Skoda, prices keep creeping up, and therefore there is not much difference, but Kia Ceed is high in demand. It costs around £19,000 and is relatively cheaper than rivals like Ford and Volkswagen Golf which roughly cost £21,000 and £22,500.

Well, in brief, Kia seems to be a more affordable option when you are to finance a car. If your credit rating is not bad, you will likely pay higher interest rates. In this situation, you will have to finance your car with very bad credit loans with no guarantor from a direct lender. Of course, you would buy a cheaper car, and Kia could be the best bet.

Tips for choosing the best Kia model

Finding the right kind of car is not a cinch, especially if you are looking to finance it. Since you are to pay interest on top of it, you should be careful while choosing the car. Each model targets a specific kind of person.

  • Kia Forte

This is the best car for those who are a kind of sporty person. If you love roaming around by yourself or with a friend, this car can be an ideal option for you. It has a stylish appearance, and you do not need to worry about mileage.

  • Kia Optima

This is a perfect car for those who own a family and yet look for a stylish appearance. With its impressive exterior, you will definitely fall in love with it. It also comes with a hybrid model, but it is obvious that this will cost you more than that.

  • Kia Sorento

This is the best car if you love adventure. Your ride is going to be adventurous in this car. It will limit your adventure even if it is a couple of years old. If you look for a secondhand model due to a lack of finances, you will still get the same adventurous feeling when you are behind the wheel.

  • Kia Sedona

Do you own a family? If so, you should buy this model. All safety features have been offered that a family need when they are on the go. It will make your driving comfortable.

The bottom line

Whether it is a Kia car or any other type of car, the answer to the question if you should buy it depends on your financial condition. Whether you are to pay for it outright or you are going to finance it, you need to ensure your budget allows for it, and you will not run out of money for other expenses.

Look at your budget and then see which car seems to be the best bit for you. It can be Kia or Skoda. It all depends on your financial condition.

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