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Medical Marijuanas In Ms : How to Qualify For A Marijuana Card?

Medical cannabis in Mississippi has been approved with a majority of votes by locals. But with every state, there are laws and regulations in regard to medical cannabis cards. So, if you believe to become a potential user of weed in Mississippi, you need to follow the rules. You need to follow guidelines on how to qualify for medical marijuanas in MS. The Mississippi State Department of Health (MSDH) has broad discretion over marijuana qualifications. The state started issuing medical marijuana cards to applicants on the 1st of July 21. So, now is the time to fulfill the eligibility criteria for obtaining your patient ID or card.

How to be eligible for MS medical weed?

Mississippi medical marijuanas card is an important document that you need to preserve. It is actually an authorization card that enables you to qualify as a legal user and holder of cannabis. But to apply for this card, you first need to know about your eligibility. You will only be competent for this card if you would have one among the qualified medical conditions. In Mississippi, many qualifying medical illnesses are managed with cannabis. Some of those are cancer, glaucoma, HIV, Autism, muscle spasm, epilepsy, etc. Therefore, if you have one among these conditions, you can proceed further with your application.

What if you are eligible for MS marijuana?

It sounds good to hear that you are qualified for a medical cannabis card in the Magnolia State. But the legal procedure for the card is required to be fulfilled as per the rules. Consequently, you need to visit a medical expert who is registered with MSDH under the medical marijuana program. You need to visit the physician for written medical certification for the use of cannabis. The certification is the first step towards obtaining your Mississippi medical marijuanas card. Well, you must obtain it from a physician who is an MD. You can get help from a telemedicine provider to book an online consultation with the doctor.

The application procedure for MS medical marijuana

Once you have safely obtained medical certification from the doctor, you can take a step further for application. Though the application procedure is quite simple, still you need to execute it carefully. You need a medical certification, ID proof, proof of residence in Mississippi, and a colored passport photograph. You can visit the official website of MSDH to complete the process. You will be provided with a live link where you can complete and submit the application. After successful submission, you will receive intimation for the application submitted. Once the request is approved, you will have to pay 50$ as a legal fee for the card. After that, you will be able to visit the MS dispensaries to get the cannabis products like vapers, edibles, and oils.

Who can apply for medical marijuana in MS?

Once you know how to qualify for medical marijuanas in MS, you can easily obtain the card. But the state laws only permitted this authorization to patients above the age of 18. However, in case you are a minor, you can apply for the card too. But you need parental consent and need to obtain certification from an osteopathic doctor. You may also qualify for a caregiver who can get marijuana on your behalf by visiting the medical dispensary.

Who can grow cannabis at home in MS?

If you are authorized as a marijuana patient in Mississippi, you may also grow weed at your residence. The state may provide you with permission to grow at least six plants at one time. However, the permission for cultivation is still pending, but it is hoped to be aired soon.

How far is a medical marijuana card useful?

After obtaining your Mississippi medical marijuanas card, you are advised to use it for a whole year from the date of issuance. After that, you need to renew the card by repeating the entire legal procedure. The card would expire in 12 months, and you need medical certification and other documents for renewal.

Does insurance cover medical marijuana cost?

No! You cannot claim insurance against the purchase of medical marijuana. Cannabis products are available in an extensive range as you can find them in dispensaries. You can get them at affordable prices as well. But do not try to use unauthorized means to attain the weed. It is the violation of medical marijuana laws in MS that could result in a felony. 

To sum up

Expectantly, you have adequate information on how to qualify for medical marijuanas in MS. You can also seek related information to marijuana procurement, use, and types of cannabis products. Now, you can apply for the patient ID, which will be approved by MSDH. You can bring the card and can purchase weed as per the designated amount to use. You can make the process faster with professional help for medical marijuana acquisition and right use.


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