Majoring in Marketing After School What to do? 5 Career Opportunities

Majar of marketing

Majoring in Marketing is interested by many seniors. Even those who have worked also want a hand to switch to study and do this job. But many questions are raised around us such as what to do after studying this major? What positions are most often hiring for? What is the minimum wage when working? Let’s find out and answer your questions with Mobiwriters below.

Majar of marketing

1/ What is the definition of Marketing?

Marketing according to wikipedia means “Marketing”. We can roughly understand Marketing as the activity of communicating information with content to the recipients of information (specifically, customers). From there, pin in their subconscious the things related to the products and services that the marketer provides.

2/ What is Marketing major?

In fact, majoring in Marketing is a popular major in college/university. To acquire knowledge on researching customer and market needs and preferences. Analyze consumer behavior and develop strategies to lead customers, customers, market brands, products/services to match potential customers, etc. In Vietnam, majoring in Marketing is considered one of the hot topics that many people are interested in. Since Marketing is quite an exciting industry, the many challenges and job opportunities in the marketing industry are quite large.

Tips for 10 Digital Marketing Skills You Should Learn As a Student

3/ What do you do after studying Marketing?

Upon graduation, Marketing majors can be divided into two main categories: Digital Marketing and Trade Marketing As businesses expand and compete. Every company must have its own marketing talents to compete in the business market.

Since then, the marketing industry has attracted more and more young people interested in learning. After graduation, marketing students have the opportunity to take up positions such as:

3.1. Media Communication

Media Communication can be understood as the way in which a company conveys a short and clear message to the audience. Explain and create confidence about your product or service. Potential customers will receive information directly.

To enter this field, you must first be competent. Excellent communication skills, directly or indirectly through various channels. Not only do you need to be able to represent the company effectively when communicating with customers, but you also need to cultivate awareness, customer psychology, and mass communication to get the job done.

3.2. Digital Marketing (Digital Marketing)

To be able to adapt to the strong development of technology and changing consumer behavior. Companies are increasingly realizing the importance of digital marketing, so job opportunities in this industry are extremely wide open.

Especially for Gen Z generation, they absorb Internet knowledge very quickly. This Marketing major covers marketing jobs such as social media management, SEO, advertising, mobile marketing, affiliate marketing, and more.

The job requires you to communicate via email, phone, or email. … Working mainly through cyberspace makes you more comfortable with your time. As a digital marketer (Digital Marketer), you will have the opportunity to better understand the existing digital platforms. It also improves your ability to communicate effectively with colleagues, industry, and customers. Understand the customer profile and target audience. From there to create successful Online Marketing campaigns.

3.3 Organizing events for businesses

If you are an extrovert and a public person, then event planning is the job you are looking for. A degree in marketing can get you into the event business. As the name suggests, this job includes all the work related to event organization. Wedding parties, conferences, seminars, training courses, professional training, meetings, promotional events, etc.

Requires organizers to anticipate the needs and preferences of participants. If you already have If you have experience in organizing and promoting events during your studies, you can completely apply for this position after graduating with a major in Marketing.

3.4 Public relations, customer relations

Public relations is seen as a specialty that helps build a brand (Branding) in the eyes of customers. To do this, a PR person needs to identify the target audience. Who will analyze the topics of interest to customers, wait and find the right media and communication platforms to communicate with the audience.

Obviously, if you have solid research skills along with acumen in business communication then you will be well suited for this job. Must-know skills such as task management, writing, public speaking or event planning should be improved.

3.5 Product development and optimization

This is a marketing major that many businesses are aiming for today. Especially for big brands, they need human resources to develop products. Your job will be to come up with ideas that are converted into actual marketing products. Based on industry experience, customer relationship and potential future of the product.

It sounds creative, but the task of product development requires a lot of brainpower, time, and effort. The most important thing is to increase the profit of the product for the company. To be a successful product developer, you need to understand your product well. Five captures customer psychology in the palm of your hand.

At the same time, research skills and understanding of market trends are also decisive factors for success. If you possess the above then congratulations, you are ready to seize the opportunity.

4/ Conclusion

Majoring in Marketing is a major that is well worth studying and working. Learning about Marketing will help you broaden your horizons in terms of business vision. When you have enough knowledge, you can completely start your own business later. Thank you for reading this far, Mobiwriters wishes you to make the right choice of the major you want to study.


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