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Is Online Education the Future of Education?

Online learning is the latest trend in the education industry. Education has taken a whole new turn with virtual classes, distance learning, online tuition, educational websites, and much more.

Students can now learn through their smartphones, tablets, and laptops in the comfort of their homes. It is not only a gain for the students, but also for the eLearning platform providers. The online education market is estimated to hit $325 billion by 2025.

Is online learning the future of education? It could be. Here’s why.

Online Learning Is Limitless.

There is no limit to what anyone can learn using their gadgets. Their geographical location no longer limits learners. From web-based education platforms to mobile apps, education is only a tap away. Universities are no longer the only means to start a career.

Tech companies like Google offer online courses instructed by their very own experts. It is possible to kick off a career like coding through YouTube video tutorials. The current young generation has embraced the internet to solve their problems. They google anything and everything, and more often than not, they find their answers online.

What’s more, people no longer need education degrees to teach. Through platforms like Skillshare, experts can start online classes that reach millions of people across the world. People can train and follow fitness programs from their favorite instructors living across the continent through the internet. Technology has empowered education.

Online Education Is Cheaper.

Nobody attends university without paying tuition fees; a hefty sum of money. However, thanks to the internet, universities can offer affordable online courses that come with verified certificates, diplomas, and degrees. It is no surprise that universities are now offering free online courses with free certificates. Such is the power of technology.

A Pew Research study found that 51% of YouTube users use YouTube for education. From learning how to code, farm, and do makeup, there is a YouTube video tutorial for just about anything. How much cheaper could education get?

Companies benefit from online learning when it comes to staff training. Rather than have their staff travel to learn, they get the training done through online platforms like video conferencing, webinars, eLearning courses, and more. When IBM changed its staff training method to eLearning, the company saved about $200million.

Online Learning Is Convenient.

Unlike in-person classes, online learners get to choose when and where to study. This is particularly important for busy learners who have other commitments. Parents can learn, work, and perform their family responsibilities. Professionals can take online courses to advance their careers without taking a break from work. Everyone gets to choose an online course that suits their lifestyle.

With online classes, learners determine the speed of their education. Some learners prefer to study fast, while others like slow and steady. The power is in the hands of the learner.

Online Learning Is Effective.

Online classes are precise and straight to the point. It takes 40-60% less time to learn anything online than in a classroom. A student can learn everything about coding in a six-hour video tutorial. This is information that takes a whole semester to learn. In-person classes take so much time and achieve very little. With a video, the student can rewind, pause for a break, and even snack while learning.

Research has proved that learners retain more content from online learning than in classroom sessions. It is estimated that an online student retains about 25-60% of information while a classroom student retains a mere 8-10% of the content taught. Most students get bored and zone out a couple of times in a classroom. Once the lecturer has said something, there is no going back. Those who miss the information might not even know that they did, only to find it in their exams.

The Takeaway

While some people feel that it is too rushed to switch to online education, the truth is that eLearning is already established and will continue to grow immensely. Online education means more than online classes provided by universities. It is about getting information without ever going to school. It is about using electronic gadgets to access education. The challenges posed by online learning are merely stumbling blocks that people need to work around to enjoy online education benefits.

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