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How Long Does It Take For Breast Prostheses To Drop After Breast Augmentation?

Every woman is unique from the next, particularly regarding the size and shape of their breasts. After breast augmentation, the length of time it takes for your breast implants to “drop” depends on several factors, including the elasticity of your pectoral muscles, the size of the implant you choose, and the tensile strength of your skin and tissue.

Implant drop happens gradually after breast augmentation. The implants gradually move into the right position over time because of the drop that happens as the muscles relax during recovery. Implant drop occurs gradually after breast augmentation, so if you’re many weeks out and haven’t seen a visible lowering of the implants and rounding of the lower breast, don’t worry too much about it.

Breast augmentation is an invasive cosmetic procedure that requires a protracted healing period before you see your ultimate results. Our board-certified plastic surgeon in breast augmentation in Lahore can address your inquiries about breast augmentation if you have any worries.

Breast Augmentation Drop Timeline 

Most patients who have had breast augmentation are acquainted with the phrase “drop and fluff,” which refers to breast implants. The term “dropping” describes how breast implants go down and assume a more natural form. As surgery swelling goes down and gravity does its thing, they are dispersed again.

The implants will deflate and puff up almost immediately after a breast augmentation procedure. Most women report that the procedure takes three to six months to complete. Your particular experience, on the other hand, can be very different. Several factors affect the period that passes before implants fall out. These factors include the size of the implant, the elasticity of your tissues, and the degree to which your pre-existing muscles are contracted.

You will witness a change in the appearance of your breasts from week to week as the pregnancy progresses. In general, bigger implants have a period of dropping and fluffing that lasts far longer. In addition, inserting implants below the muscle may take more time than doing so above the muscle. Keep in mind that you must wait a full year before analyzing the overall cosmetic outcomes of your procedure.

top plastic surgeon in Lahore discuss your choices with you and provide comprehensive post-breast augmentation care recommendations.

Factors that Impact How Fast Breast Augmentation will Drop

Several variables will determine how long your Breast Prostheses will take to drop after breast augmentation. The following are some of these:

Breast Augmentation placement

The amount of time it takes for breast implants to settle into their new positions may vary substantially based on the many different factors. The placement of the implant is one of the considerations. Most implants are positioned either submuscular or posterior to the pectoralis muscles. 

The time before implants are placed over the pectoralis muscles become loose will decrease. In this scenario, the tense pectoralis muscles pressure the implant. When the pectoralis muscle relaxes, your implants will get loose and fall out.

Breast Augmentation type 

The time it takes for a breast implant to drop usually depends on the implant used during breast augmentation. Breast implants made of anatomically formed silicone, sometimes known as “Gummy Bear” implants, will settle more rapidly than standard implants made of silicone and saline. It is because less mobility occurs after surgery when anatomically shaped implants are used since they fit the breast pocket so neatly.

After the operation, the pectoralis muscles are pulled closer together with the use of implants that have been developed according to anatomical specifications. When the pectoralis muscles are relaxed, anatomically fitted implants will not fall, but they will appear fuller. Because of this, they could have the appearance of being squashed.

Body type and Implants positioned

Your body type determines how fast your breast implants detach from your breasts. It is possible that the positioning of the breasts will take longer for a more physically fit woman with stronger pectoral muscles. 

In these conditions, breast massage may be an effective method for speeding up the process of shedding your breast implants. Less compression is exerted on implants situated below the pectoral muscle than on those located above it. Patients who are highly physically active and have robust chest muscles may need more time to adjust their implants.


Most women claim that the therapy takes three to six months to complete. Your experience, however, can be quite unlike others. We have  discussed factors that cause breast prostheses  to drop after breast augmentation.

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