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Bonneville inherits tradition with new water-cooled engine orthodoxy

The new “Triumph Bonneville T120“, which inherited the Bonneville design from 1959, has evolved from an air-cooled parallel twin cylinder to a water-cooled parallel twin cylinder 1200cc engine, and the carburetor has evolved to FI (Fuel injection), reaching a maximum output of 80 horsepower at 6550 rpm and a torsional engine with maximum torque at 3100 rpm. The maximum output of 80 hp at 6550 rpm and the maximum torque at 3100 rpm is the torque engine.

The traditional design of Bonneville spoked wheel frames with the CABTON torpedo-shaped exhaust pipe is retained, ABS is installed on the twin discs, Ride by Wire electronic throttle control system is adopted for the throttle, and a traction control system is included as standard equipment, while the Slipper Clutch is adopted for the clutch to reduce the heavy feeling when operating the clutch. The clutch is a Slipper Clutch to reduce the heaviness of the clutch.

The evolution of the modern Bonneville can be seen from the above-mentioned extensive equipment!

1200cc parallel twin cylinders for a comfortable and high quality ride

The new Bonneville T120’s engine is water-cooled but has a beautiful shape of fins like an “air-cooled” engine, and the camshaft cover is plated to create a beautiful overall design around the engine.

Unfortunately, the weather was not good on the day of the test ride, but if it had been a clear blue sky, I believe the camshaft cover would have reflected the beautiful clear sky.

When I sat on the bike, I could feel the weight of the 1200cc from the grip, but the heavy crankshaft felt like it was spinning like a speedy ride after I started riding.

In addition, the bright, crisp drumming and thick bass, which are only found in parallel twin cylinders, are both mature and gentlemanly.

The stability of the 18-inch wheels and the 1200cc engine provide excellent stability on fast roads.

The 18-inch front and rear wheels don’t make the grip feel sporty, but they provide a stable and reassuring ride, and the engine can be switched between “normal” and “rainy” modes, so you can switch between riding modes when it’s raining or on slippery roads.

Even when switching from street to fast road, the bike’s stable ride remains unchanged. The powerful 1200cc engine can easily surpass the cruiser model, and the faster the speed, the smoother the ride of the parallel twin cylinder, and the engine’s operation is quite comfortable.

The instrument panel has a traditional pointer display with an electroplated double shell, and the digital LCD display can show speed and other information, and the ODO, trip meter, and range can be switched with the switch at hand.

It is equipped with genuine heated grips, and the instrument panel is equipped with indicator lights for heated grips and other high quality features.

The switches for the directional lights are the same as those of Japanese cars, so you should be able to control them without hesitation, and there is a hazard warning switch under the auto start button, so you can control it without worrying if any accident happens.

The rider in the photo is 169cm tall and weighs 62kg, so you can see that the Bonneville T120 has good ground handling and a natural riding position.

If you are used to large motorcycles, you should have no problem, but you need to pay more attention to this point.

Bonneville” is a unique and modern classic with a unique presence

The Bonneville is not only a traditional model, but also the most developed model among Triumph’s traditional bikes. The Bonneville’s equipment can be considered a super deluxe version in its class, and it also has a unique appearance, an exposed carburetor and a fuel injection device, as well as very detailed parts.

The Bonneville’s body structure is the same as that of the Street Twin, but it is completely different from the Street Twin, so the Bonneville is especially recommended for riders who want to enjoy long motorcycle trips.

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