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5 Things to Remember When Choosing an Asphalt Paving Contractor

Choosing an asphalt paving contractor for your projects can be a tough task. Whether it’s a parking lot, driveway, road, sports court or other projects, you must ensure someone who can execute the job flawlessly and thoroughly. While looking for a contractor for your project, remember that the lowest bid isn’t always the best.

In your search for an asphalt company, you’ll come across several contractors who might promise more than they can deliver. So, how do you pick the one that is best suited to undertake your project? The answer to that would be extensive research and asking questions.

Now, you might be wondering where to start. The safest place to begin your research would be the Internet. However, to ensure that this yields the best result, there are certain things you must look for before you decide on an asphalt paving contractor.

Qualities You Must Seek in an Asphalt Paving Contractor 

A paving project is an expensive affair that requires extensive expertise. Therefore, before choosing a contractor for the job, you must ensure they are competent to handle your project. Here is a list of some of the qualities your contractor must have before you decide to start working with them on your project.


Experience is perhaps the most important quality you must seek in a contractor. Before choosing a contractor, you must consider your choices properly. It is always safer to work with an experienced local contractor. It is because they are familiar with the unique challenges the region’s climate and terrain present. Hence, they know the best way to deal with these conditions and deliver your project perfectly. Always try working with a contractor with experience handling the type of project you want. 


Another quality to consider is the asphalt paving contractor’s pricing structure. We understand that the lowest bid is not the best. Therefore, you must ensure that your contractor is not overcharging you for their services. Ask for a detailed quote from your prospective contractors that you can compare, and find out more about the services you will be paying for. Some of the factors you should ask your contractor are the quality of the asphalt used, the condition of the equipment, the experience of the professionals, the size of the crew, etc.

License & Insurance

You must ensure that your contractor has the proper documentation necessary to execute your project seamlessly. Moreover, you should also confirm that the contractor has public liabilities insurance. In case of an accident, the insurance protects the asphalt paving team, and offers protection to you and your property. Ensure that your contractor provides you with a copy of their licenses and public liabilities insurance documents before the work begins.

Warranty Offered

You must ask your contractor about the type of warranty and guarantees they offer. Accidents and mishaps can happen under any circumstances. So, you must choose a company that stands by its work and corrects any issues that might crop up after the project is complete.


A reputed contractor will gladly share images of projects they have undertaken and reviews from past clients. However, that is not all. Ask your friends and acquaintances about your prospective contractors and ask them for recommendations. Moreover, you can also check the Internet for reviews or try reaching out to the review posters to find out more about their projects.

Find Experienced Asphalt Contractors for Your Projects

The contractor’s experience, professionalism and expertise will ensure that your asphalt project gets handled competently, making the process absolutely seamless. While looking for a contractor, do not rely on the results you find on the Internet alone. 

Although those results can be helpful, they do not paint the entire picture. Get in touch with the asphalt company and have a one-on-one conversation with them. Ask them as many questions as you have and look for relevant answers. A competent contractor will be prompt in their communication and resolve your queries and concerns at the earliest.

Ask for references from your colleagues, friends and acquaintances for their opinion. If someone you know has recently availed the services of an asphalt contractor for their project, consult with them. Above all, trust your research and instinct to decide on the one you think is best suited for your project.

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